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November 2016 - W4/D3

If you're anything like me, you just spent the last two days in a gluttonous haze. So now it's time to get your mind and body back on track. To help with that, I've provided a mega butt kicker that's heavy on the cardio and abs that will hopefully set you back to normal. I call this the POST-THANKSGIVING RESET BUTTON WORKOUT!

How it works: this workout is EMOM style, meaning you will do each designated exercise every minute on the minute. If you finish early, you will rest until the next minute. If you don't finish the exercise in time, go right to the next one at the top of the minute. Every fifth minute will be a full minute of rest!

Repeat the entire workout 5x for a total of 25 minutes!


Min 1: 30 press jacks
Min 2: 20 dumbbell pullover sit-ups
Min 3: 20 dumbbell thrusters
Min 4: 15 burpees (dumbbells optional)
Min 5: REST

Repeat 5x!

November 2016 - W4/D2

It's time for our annual Thanksgiving workout! In anticipation of Thanksgiving, today's workout is all about burning a pile of calories before you stuff your face. Before you enjoy your annual Thanksgiving pig-out, do this workout and make room for all that tasty goodness!

Different food items correspond with sets of exercises. Do each food item's set 3 times before moving on to the next one!


MASHED POTATO MAT WORK – 20 up/down planks, 20 dumbbell jackknives
STUFFING AND SQUATS – 15 dumbbell squat jumps, 20 squat jumping jacks
CRAWL, WALK AND MORE ROLLS PLEASE – 10 bear crawls, 10 dumbbell overhead forward/reverse lunges (5 per leg), 10 pilates roll-ups
PUMPKIN PIE PLANK WORK – 20 plank rows, 10 side plank hip lifts (each side) 10 plank saws
TURKEY TWERKS AND BURPS – 10 burpees & 10 froggers 
WEEBLE WOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE MAT WORK – 20 alternating dumbbell windmills, 30 penguins, 20 weeble wobbles
BURN IT ALL OFF – 50 high knees, 30 jumping jacks, 30 mountain climbers

November 2016 - W4/D1

Let's do that November Fit Test again! Time yourself doing the following set three times through. Then compare this time to the time you recorded when you did this workout at the beginning of the month:

10 alternating lunges (both legs = 1)
31 mountain climbers
10 burpees
31 squats
10 push-ups
31 jumping jacks
10 bear crawls
31 v-ups

November 2016 - W3/D3

Today's workout will be an EMOM - Every Minute On The Minute. Your goal is to complete all reps listed within one minute. If you finish early, you get to rest for the remaining time left in the minute. If you don't, you move right on to the next exercise.


Min 1: 30 shoulder press jacks
Min 2: 15 dumbbell front squats
Min 3: 8 dumbbell deadlift burpees
Min 4: 20 chest presses 
Min 5: 5 (wo)man makers
Min 6: REST

Repeat 5x

November 2016 - W3/D2

For today's SPARTAN WEDNESDAY, we have a burner of a workout featuring long intervals. You'll go through the entire list of exercises below with as little rest as possible, then completely rest one minute, then repeat two more times. This workout has cardio, core, shoulder work to help you climb over walls, and leg work to keep you going when the going gets tough!


50 skater jumps (each side = 1 rep)
10 burpees
15 dumbbell sit ups (if your feet don't stay down, extend your legs fully and do the movement that way)
10 pike press push-ups
15 dumbbell front squats
50 toe taps (if you don't have a curb, you can use a step or stair or water bottle or pretty much anything elevated) - each leg = 1 rep

Rest 1 minute

Do 3x total!

November 2016 - W3/D1

It's Week 3, and we're going to kick up the intensity with some interval training!

Today's workout consists of pairs of exercises. Each exercise in the pair will be done for one minute. After completing one minute each of both exercises, take a one minute rest and then move on to the next set.

After completing the ENTIRE LIST, take a one minute rest and then go through the list again. HOWEVER - this time, switch the order of the exercises in the pair!


Wide mountain climbers

Walk out to push-ups
Squat jumping jacks

Plank hold

V ups
Bicycle crunches

November 2016 - W2/D3

Today is Veterans Day, and we will be doing our own version of what is called the WOD with Warriors. This is a workout that is done on this day all around the United States to honor our nation's veterans.This workout is called ARMISTICE and here are some details about its history and meaning:

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, was declared between the Allied nations and Germany in the First World War.  This Armistice Day was later re-named to Veterans Day.

At exactly 11 a.m., each November 11th, a color guard, made up of members from each of the military branches, renders honors to America's war dead during a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery.

- The 11-based rep scheme represents the rich history of Veterans Day.

- The two-minutes of rest/reflection represents this moment of silence at the tomb of the unknowns.

- The 1st round of work represents Veterans of wars past, and the 2nd round of work represents Veterans of present and future wars

- Modified versions of classic military exercises are meant to help connect Veterans and the greater community to connect after the accomplishment of shared hardship during this workout.

This workout will be modified slightly for our needs. I added some advanced versions if you want an extra challenge. If you want to keep it super traditional, you can find the original WOD with Warriors HERE


9 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)
100 jumping jacks
11 sit-ups (advanced version: pullover sit-ups)
11 squats (advanced version: goblet squats)
100 jumping jacks
22 sit-ups
22 squats
100 jumping jacks
33 sit-ups
33 squats
*add 11 to the sit-ups and squats for each additional round
2-minutes of rest, followed by:
 9 minute AMRAP
100 high knees
11 pushups
11 step ups (advanced version: dumbbell step ups or box jumps) For step ups - each leg = 1 rep
100 high knees
22 pushups
22 step ups
100 high knees
33 pushups
33 step ups
*add 11 to the pushups and step ups for each round

November 2016 - W2/D2

Happy Spartan Wednesday!

Today's workout will be EMOM style, which means Every Minute On The Minute. At the top of each minute, you will rotate through the designated reps of each exercise. If you finish before the minute is up, rest until the next minute. If you don't, you'll go right to the next exercise at the top of the minute. On minute 7, you will rest for the full minute. 

Repeat 5x

Min 1: 50 skater jumps
Min 2: 30 dumbbell jackknife crunches
Min 3: 15 dumbbell thrusters
Min 4: 12 push-ups
Min 5: 15 dumbbell step-ups (or 10 box jumps)
Min 6: 10 dumbbell burpee deadlifts
Min 7: REST

November 2016 - W2/D1

Welcome to Functional Training Week! This week is all about balance, coordination, agility, core stability and other exercises designed to help you move better in the world. 

Today's workout is all about progressions. We'll start with one minute of an exercise that will challenge you and elevate your heart rate. Then we'll focus on some more challenging movements for a set number of reps. 

Do three rounds of each set, then move on to the next one. 

1 minute
Skater jumps with ground touches
15 reps each
Bulgarian split squats
One leg jumps 

1 minute
Single leg walk outs to push-ups (if you need to do push-ups from knees, only come down to your knees after doing the walk-out. Return to your toes after the push-up.)
Plank spiders - 10 each leg
Spider push-ups - 10 push-ups (count at push-up, not at leg movement)

1 min
Squat jumps to reverse lunges
15 reps each leg
Step up knee drive
Step up w/ hop

1 minute
15 reps each side
Side plank with hip lifts 
Side plank with leg lifts 

1 minute
Boat hold
20 reps each
Alternating V ups
Oblique V ups

November 2016 - W1/D3

Today's workout is a sandwich-style workout. What I mean is that there are 10 burpee deadlifts that are the meat of the sandwich, and then the bread on each side is all the other exercises. The reps will go down from 50 to 10 and then back up to 50. 

It's also a chipper workout - meaning you must chip away at the reps of each exercise before moving on to the next one. If you need to take mini breaks, do that - but get right back to it as soon as possible.

For an extra challenge - time yourself and post your time on the group to see how your time compares to that of the other captains!


50 Press jacks
40 Dumbbell Russian twists
30 Overhead dumbbell lunges
20 Shoulder taps
10 Burpee deadlifts (make sure your back is flat and not rounded before picking up the dumbbells)
20 Plank reaches
30 Sumo deadlift high pulls
40 Flutter kicks
50 High knees holding a single dumbbell at your chest

November 2016 - W1/D2


Today's workout is called AMRAP PARTY. AMRAP means As Many Rounds as Possible or As Many Reps as Possible. In each round (except the last round), you'll have a buy-in starter exercise followed by three exercises that you'll go through over and over again for the allotted time. So for example, in the first round, if it takes you 2 minutes to do the 200 high knees, you'll have 8 minutes to do as many rounds of push-ups, squat thrusts and squats as possible. Take a short rest after each AMRAP and then go on to the next one!

In the last AMRAP, you'll just do as many burpees as you can for 4 minutes straight. YEE-HAW!


Start with 200 high knees (each leg = 1)
Then – AMRAP:
5 push-ups
10 dumbbell squat thrusts (do the movement in the video with dumbbells in your hands)
15 dumbbell sumo deadlift high pull

Start with 100 jumping jacks
Then – AMRAP:
10 bear crawls (four steps forward = 1, four steps back = 2)
10 dumbbell squat jumps
10 pullover crunches

Start with 100 skater jumps (each side = 1)
Then – AMRAP:
10 plank rows (each side = 1)
10 dumbbell thrusters
10 alternating dumbbell step ups (use a step, bench or chair) - each leg = 1

Burpees! Nothing but burpees!

Post how many burpees you completed in the 4 minutes in the Facebook group if you want!

November 2016 - W1/D1

Sure, this is technically the first November workout. But the first day of this week is Halloween! So this month's Fit Test will be called the 10/31 Fit Test!

Time yourself doing the following set three times through. Keep your time handy for when we repeat this test at the end of the month:

10 alternating lunges (both legs = 1)
31 mountain climbers
10 burpees
31 squats
10 push-ups
31 jumping jacks
10 bear crawls
31 v-ups

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