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I was always interested in obstacle course racing as a hobby, and I have wanted to get into the kind of shape I see others in where they are able to get themselves through those races in a competitive manner. After training with Robin, I finished the Spartan Stadium Sprint in 1:27, which is kind of insane for someone who pretty much only used the our Track Tuesday workouts as training. I also was able to PR back squat 155lbs recently in Crossfit, and I 100% feel the Spartan training and the Spartan Race prepared me for that PR.

I love the positivity, accessibility, and fun of Robin’s training! I never feel as if working with Robin is a chore, and I also never feel as though getting the kind of results Robin herself has achieved is unattainable, though of course it takes hard, hard work. love getting a kick-ass workout without feeling pressure to push too far beyond my limit. Because of this, I DO feel myself able to reach beyond my threshold which I attribute to a relaxed and positive environment.

I would 100% recommend Robin to someone who has been running races competitively for years as well as someone who has never done a fitness class in their life. I will say though, I would definitely encourage someone who has not done much fitness activity to especially check out Robin and her offerings, due to reasons I mentioned above. However, Robin is also kick-ass and super fit and knowledgeable, and I know that if she had a battalion of elites, she’d be able to test their limits!

Ultimately, I love that Robin loves what she does, and loves helping people reach their goals. I also love that she espouses the belief that there is no age or level of ability that is too old or too novice to begin an incredible fitness journey!

- Kristen B., Los Angeles, CA
Obstacle Racing Client

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"I have been an on and off again runner after high school, but it wasn't something I stayed consistent with. My fitness routine was pretty random as I would only come across a  fitness video and do what I could, but there was no real accountability. I would try something but never stick with it. 

There have been some crazy good changes since I started training with Robin two years ago. I have more strength. I have the accountability I was craving. I noticed that my endurance for my running has improved tremendously. Of course, I've changed my diet and nutrition, but it only improved my stamina in doing the workouts. I've dropped four dress sizes and continue to thin down and tone up.

I thought burpees, bear crawls and dive-bomb push-ups were an impossible feat, but now I do them on a regular basis with the workouts. When I first started, I could barely run a couple miles without running out of breath. Today I'm training for a full marathon. 

My two year progress has been awesome and has grown exponentially. And I continue to improve with every workout. I have the strength to tackle any workout without being intimidated by it. The results make me keep going and push me to strive for more!"

-Lisa I., Long Beach, CA
Online Training Client


Photo by Matthew Becker Photography

Photo by Matthew Becker Photography

"I started the journey at 177.7 lbs. I woke up today at 163.2. Not only that, I made attendance for tryouts and I made the team I tried out for! I may have a game next weekend if I make the roster but even if I don't, I'm playing at the level that I hoped for. 

Additionally, Robin's coaching inspired me to really focus on my mental health. I am stable on my depression meds and feeling better every day. I have contacted the free mental health service that my job offers and will be making an appointment soon. I also have a little kitten as of a few days ago and he brightens my world. I also gained the confidence at work to demand the raise I deserve. Aaaaand I told my crush I was into him. 

Now, I don't know if I'm gonna get the raise or the boy but I'm flying high. I honestly believe that without this coaching,  I probably wouldn't have had the motivation to do these things. If you notice, my accomplishments are less about fitness and more about mental health and inner confidence. I don't think that there are a lot of programs that can make you feel good about yourself, fitness aside. Thanks all for being on the journey with me. And especially Robin for making this happen and always having awesome words for me on the calls and helping me focus on the underlying barriers and not the weight. Much much love."

- Julia H., Los Angeles, CA
Group Coaching Client

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"I started working with Robin to get healthy for my life and for roller derby. My birthday had recently passed I knew I needed to take action and stop putting it off till next week. I was initially worried about the cost, but after a conversation with Robin, she helped me find ways to adjust my budget. That helped me put things in perspective and know that, yes, I could afford this.

During the first 3 weeks of Robin’s coaching program, I was able to cut 3 mins and 12 secs off of my initial fit test time. I gained strength in my upper body. I went from only doing 1-2 modified push-ups without resting to doing 10-12. During the last month of the program I focused on nutrition. That's when I noticed a change in the way my clothes were fitting. I weighed myself and lost 6 pounds.

Robin is the type of person who really listens and gives feedback along with achievable goals. She's able to break down big goals into smaller goals and gives options of doing things in a different way that you may have never considered. For example, when I explained I had trouble getting to sleep after practice nights, she asked me to describe my routine. She suggested I bring my protein shake with me to drink in the car on the way home, go straight to the shower after getting home, and keep my phone in the other room when going to bed in order to avoid distraction. These simple shortcuts got me to bed 45 mins to 1 hour earlier. I love how Robin was able to tailor her coaching to fit my specific needs.  

The most important thing about Robin’s coaching is that she is authentic, reliable, and consistent. I would recommend Robin’s coaching to anyone who wants to learn to make changes in their current habits."

-Angie W., Los Angeles
Group Coaching Client


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