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 I help women over 40 explore their athletic potential so they can gain confidence, overcome life's obstacles, and look, feel and live AGELESS!

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Hi, I'm Robin!

Ready to STOP letting society or your own preconceived notions define how you age?

If so, you've come to the right place. That's what I'm all about!

I am a fortysomething roller derby skater turned obstacle racer who discovered the secret to unlocking the far-reaching benefits that come with pursuing your athletic potential. 

I'm talking stuff that goes way beyond your fitness. I'm talking the stuff that helps you become a rock star in your life, and a superhero to your family.

My experience as a later-in-life athlete led me to create my ATHLETIC AGING FRAMEWORK, which helps you move away feeling overwhelmed, stuck and, well...old, and move you toward feeling fearless, limitless and, yes, AGELESS!

By fostering meaningful relationships and utilizing innovative strategies, I can lead you to see what is possible for your life and help you create unstoppable momentum to make that possibility real.

More about yours truly...

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Get the Off The Couch Starter Pack to jumpstart your fitness routine...and have fun doing it!

  • The Off The Couch Starter Pack includes a combo of all-levels workouts & recovery sessions to remind you how good it feels to MOVE.

  • Each day's workout or recovery session is paired with a fun retro Spotify playlist. Whether you're sweating to 80s jams or stretching to mellow soul, you'll be smiling through every session.

You'll be fired up to keep the momentum going long after the week is over!


How To Work With Me

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Ready. Set.  activate! 

Ready to LEVEL UP?

Your body is NOT the villain in your life.

When you discover how to harness your abilities to do things you never thought you could do, you can become the superhero in your own life story!

This is where AGELESS POWERS ACTIVATE comes in.

AGELESS POWERS ACTIVATE is a 15-week sprint from starting line to goal-crushing awesomeness, with strategically placed milestones, goals, and celebrations all along the way.

And because no superhero walks alone, you'll be surrounded by your very own league of justice, and we will all rise up together.

Enrollment is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be the first to find out when enrollment opens again!

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An online workout subscription created to make it simple and easy to move and strengthen your body. Finally get consistent, get active, and get results.

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Run farther, run faster, and have fun doing it. Train for a 5K, 10K, or half marathon the right way in just 60 days with a combo of strength & run-building workouts.

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Fast-track your way to your next goal with a customized training program and 1-1 support throughout your journey!

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Ageless Awesomeness

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I hired Robin because I wanted to get Gal Gadot fit for the Spartan Trifecta World Championship. I thought I could be disciplined enough to hold myself accountable. Could I BE any more wrong?! Having Robin in my pocket with me on all my workout adventures is a total mood booster. She gives me strength, confidence, and rocking abs...not to mention lots of laughs! I recommend working with Robin to get tailor-made training for whatever your fitness goals are. She meets you where you are and encourages the F outta ya to get you to achieve your dreams!

~Eden G.

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With very clear action steps to take every day, I started running and weight training, eating better and sleeping better. I learned about how my hormones affect my fitness too. I found strength in me I never knew I had.

~Mary D.

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